Jewelry Making

We Specialize in Healing Crystal designed to bring high and positive energy to your life.

Here, at CNSJewelry not only want you to look and feel your best, but add great energy to our everyday life!!!!! 

Live your best life, literally!!!!

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Cece William

Handmade Jewelry Designer & CEO

Hello & Welcome to CNSJewelry. I'm Cece and want to give you the best I can offer you as a customer. We are a Black Owned and operated and stationed out of Atlanta, GA. For YOU, we are offering a wide range of handmade jewellery, bringing life and good energy. If you have any question, concerns, or suggestion, we'll be sure to accommodate. ;;;)


Quinton Torrain

Media Personal

Hello, I'm Quinton and hear to take care of you on social media. Follow us on Instagram cnsjewelry1111 and Facebook @ CNSJewelry or Cece Williams. See ya there!!!!!


Handmade Crystal and Beads, Handmade wire design & Jewellery repair*


Jewellery Tools